RV Preventative Maintenance

Individual Services (non-package)

  • Check and Repair seals
  • Perform furnace, refrigerator and air conditioner service
  • Inspect batteries, tires, brakes, axle and leaf springs
  • Propane Leak Test
  • Inspect water system and holding tanks
  • Slide out maintenance
  • Wheel Bearing Service
  • Roof Preventive Maintenance
  • All recommended annually by manufacturer

Cape Fear Mobile RV Service Offers Towable Maintenance Packages


Includes inspection of batteries, tires, brakes, axle and leaf springs. Propane leak test. Testing of smoke detectors and LP detectors. Preform water heater, AC and refrigerator service. Inspection of water system and holding tanks. Electrical inspection of all outlets for voltage and correct polarity.


Package includes everything in standard plus slide out service and perform wheel bearing packs service.